Sometimes a Cactus

Family, food, travel, other obsessions.

About the Cactus

I was born in Arizona but am now happily ensconced in the Great Northwest, after stops along the way in New England and the Midwest. Although far from my desert roots, I can still get prickly when necessary.

I live with my patient, entertaining husband, Ted, our boys Grayson (“GBones”) and Hal (aka “Hank”), and our two fat tabby cat sisters, Snuggles and Rooster, known around these parts as “The Girls.” Had to even things out around here somehow.

I teach for a living, cook and read for relaxation, and recently helped oversee the remodel of our 1913 Craftsman bungalow and learned in the process that I love design. A lot.


3 comments on “About the Cactus

  1. Michelle Elsberry Bailey
    April 2, 2012

    Hey woman!!!

    Julie said she talked to you last night and that you’re practically family. Very cool!

    Your house looks beautiful! And I can’t believe how big your kids are…

    I’ll have to pass the blog on to the Kunzs….she was just released as Stake YW Pres because he was called as Bishop of the Seaside ward.

    • sometimesacactus
      April 3, 2012

      Small world! So nice to reconnect. My kids _are_ big. Yes, please pass along to Kunzs. And hi from me to all of you.

      • Shel
        April 3, 2012

        We have/had a blog at There’s a family pic there….it’s a bit old, Meggie is 15 now, but it’s the only decent family pic we’ve ever taken, lol. When the married kids get here this summer (Ry has a law internship here), we’re gonna give it another shot.

        The blog itself hasn’t been updated in over a year. It was mostly to keep in touch with our millions of nieces/nephews, but they’ve all moved over to Facebook, and so have we.

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