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Concrete thoughts from Commencement Bay

This morning, and for a few days this week, we were just a few blocks from our house but in a lovely little world on the water that felt miles away, in a hotel while our floors are being refinished. And we were wowed by the views the Gods provide in this lovely corner of the planet we call home. This is what we saw out our hotel windows:

If you come visit us, we’ll walk you the few blocks from our house down the hill toward Old Town to see this for yourself. And hear it. And smell it.

The ocean is definitely a multisensory experience.

We are now happily ensconced for the weekend a few blocks the other direction from our house, at the home of some friends who are out of town for the weekend. We are very grateful.

Besides the floor refinishing, our patio and side walkway were poured today. These pictures are of the forms and the pouring, before the sugar (that’s really what they use) was applied and then washed off to expose the aggregate.

Along with the patch of grass it will make for a lovely gathering space when it’s done. That means you should come so you can gather with us.


One comment on “Concrete thoughts from Commencement Bay

  1. Andy
    April 30, 2012

    Hoffe ihr hab es bald geschaft!!!. Vielleicht ein kleiner trost für dich der blick aus dem Hotel ist viel schöner als der auf eine Hauswand hier.
    😉 Klasse idee mit dem Blog weiter so!!
    liebe grüße aus dem Hauptdorf am Ende der Welt 😉

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