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End-of-project flurry and spring break

Lots of activity at the remodel site as last things are being wrapped up. And busy at home, too, since it’s spring break. Here’s a quick look at our last couple of days.

George and Troy of Renewal stopped by to check on progress, admire Ted’s tub, and help mark things in the backyard for concrete pouring.

Painters prepping trim to be painted next week.

The kitchen flooring went in. Glad we didn’t have to wrestle that big roll of Marmoleum ourselves. Kind of looked like a sea serpent.

And the gigantic cardboard tube the Marmoleum came on made an awesome playscape for Hal and his friend Braddock. There’s pretty much nothing Hal can’t do with duct tape. (This is on the front steps of the house we’re renting around the corner from our house.)

Yesterday, the boys slept in, then we had a late breakfast of scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and our favorite, melt-in-your-mouth scones (Apricot-White Chocolate scones recipe here).

Grayson’s good friend Denin, who moved to Eastern Washington last year, was here for a visit, along with Hal’s friend and soccer team buddy Braddock. It’s always nice to have a full table of hungry friends.

Grayson and Denin took the day pretty easy. Who knew you could play Rock Band in a supine position??

After breakfast Hal took some friends over to see the progress on the house: Braddock, our neighbor Alex, and his friend Oden. With the house empty it has the sense of a big playground, and Hal loves being over there. Here are the boys on our newly finished staircase…

…and looking out the window of Hal’s bedroom to see if they can catch of glimpse of Mount Rainier (no luck today—too cloudy)…

…and trying out the new tub.

Rub-a-dub-dub, four men in a tub

The hardwood floors are scheduled to be finished this weekend, and since we have to be out of their way, we decided we’ll head to Idaho to celebrate Easter and Ted’s mom’s birthday.

Off to pack. Happy Easter Weekend!


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